My first blog post


Hello! This is me! My name is Megan, and I come from a little town in South Yorkshire.  I have lived here all my life and we have no plans of moving… yet! I have spent the last 2 years in college training to become a nail technician, but on top of this I have also spent a year doing fashion and 2 years studying hairdressing. So it’s safe to say, I kind of have an interest in these fields! Im setting up this page as a bit of a hobby and to be able to have a place to store all my memories on, so I can come back and reminisce. 


This is Alex, we met 4 years ago when I served him in the shop I used to work at and the rest is history so they say.  We have been living together for the past 2 years and have (so far) managed not to murder each other yet… which is always a bonus! As you can see by this picture we also have a beautiful bundle of joy along the way too! Yes I’m not just fat, there is a baby in there too! We are due in July and that is all my life is revolving around at the minute!


And… here she is! The most loved little girl in the history of the world and she’s not even here yet! No I’m just kidding, but seriously though everyone cannot wait to meet her! Look at her blowing bubbles, isn’t she just the cutest?! (I don’t actually think there bubbles, but that’s what I’m going with! Haha!) we only have 14 weeks left till her due date and we haven’t decorated her bedroom yet, so once that’s done I’ll put a post on up here. As I’m writing this, she is kicking my belly black and blue, so she must know we are talking about her!

So that’s just a little post explaining who I am. Like I said, expect to see plenty of posts to do with fashion, parenting and beauty.. because that is generally all my life is! I’m not the best at writing or spelling come to that matter, so you will have to bare with me. But like I said, I’m only doing this as a bit of fun, and as somewhere to store all my memories.

Check in with you all later!

Megan x


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