Becoming Pregnant

I am currently 26 weeks pregnant, which means I have just started my 3rd trimester. Scary stuff. This week according to one of my pregnancy apps she is the size of a papaya fruit (I don’t even know what one of them is!) It also says she is roughly 35.6 cm and is roughly 760 grams. That puts it in a little bit more perspective. I know they are only rough guides but I do like to track her progress every week.

We decided to get pregnant on my birthday last year. It is actually quite a funny story to be honest! Alex had taken me out for an Italian in Blackpool before we hit the town. I had been nagging at him for ages that I wanted a dog. Once we had finished our meal we were just sat down talking. That’s when he mentioned it. He said “I’ve been thinking Megan, I don’t think its a dog that we need, I think we should try for a baby.” This came completely out of the blue! He had never even mentioned the fact that one day he might want kids. I was shell shocked. I didn’t know what to say back, so I grabbed my glass of rosé and downed it. Then as we was going around all the different night clubs I kept on asking him if he was serious. The next day when he had sobered up I asked him again. Every time he kept saying “Yes baby G, i’m being deadly serious!” So once we got back home I made an appointment to have my implant removed. Even on the day, I asked him if he was genuine! After having the implant removed it only took us 5 weeks to conceive! Which was a little bit of a shock… but a good one! And we was both over joyed!

I knew I was pregnant from the second my period was a day late! I don’t know how, maybe it was just wishful thinking, but I Just knew! I had already bought a multi pack of pregnancy tests from Amazon, see link below. So I just kept taking tests! I was adamant I could see 2 lines! Alex was less convinced…

Ok, so it wasn’t the clearest line and again, maybe it was a little bit of wishful thinking. But I could see 2 lines! I kept doing them first thing in a morning, and running into the bedroom to wake him up and tell him I could see a line! Anyway, we wanted more definitive proof! So I drove to Asda that night to go and buy a clear blue pregnancy test. I wanted something to say either yes you are or no your not. The plan was to wait until the morning, because I know your wee is stronger and better for taking tests in the morning. BUT I COULDN’T WAIT! We was sat watching TV and I got up and said I was just going for a wee…


So after saying that I was just popping to toilet, the next thing Alex heard was a scream! I came running through to the front room showing him the pee stick! This time, he couldn’t deny it, he had the biggest smile on his face! He was like, yep! your definitely pregnant! Now what do we do?

So I rang up my GP the day after and arranged an appointment, he then refereed us to the midwife were we sat down with her and discussed everything, she gave us the original due date based on my day of missed period. Which was the 19th July. This then changed at the 12 week scan to the 23rd July. She then told me the things that I couldn’t eat/ do. Which is basically everything and anything!

So that’s basically the story of how we decided to have a baby. I love the fact that we planned to have her, I also love the fact that it was Alex who brought it up. That might sound proper silly to anyone else. But to me, knowing what i’m like at over thinking. I love knowing that he wants her, he hasn’t been dragged into it by me. Bit daft I know, but hey that’s just me!

Check in with you all soon,

Megan x





Amazon Pregnancy tests-


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